Idea for work period end after midnight compensation on report date filter

Have an idea (well not really my idea but either way) in regards to report date filtering issues where work period dates are not within a particular day.

Unless I’ve missed an update as it stands if as an example work period for day of New Years was after midnight which is quite likely for any bar ended in the morning of 1st when you select a date range of say 01/01/16 to 31/01/16 it would also include sales for 31st as its work period falls partly into that date range.

What about an option to define a cut of point other than midnight?

I saw this as an option on the PMS im integrating with (they described the option as ‘The time of day from when transactions contribute to the next day’).

So for example if we set this to say 4am the date filters for reports would actually be from/to 4am.
In the example this would then be;
01/01/16 04:00:00 to 01/02/16 04:00:00

@emre, penny for your thoughts…

Sorry if ive missed a way already available to account for this…

That was what we did before implementing work period feature.

OK. I think you’re remembering something else. If workperiods correctly starts / ends there will be no issue like that.

@emre if thats the case care to explain what im doing wrong.
Have had to change system time to demonstrate.

If I enter date filter of 12/01/16 to 12/01/16 this is what i get…
It automaticly changes start date to 11/01/16 because 11th work period ended am of 12th.

Here is a recording;

Can you PM me a backup?

@JTRTech That looks like a bug. On next .58 refresh please let me know if it works as expected or not.

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I think it has been like this for a while, unless changed in V5 it was the same in V4.

Yes its like that for a while even i asked about it when work period not started on the day it shows from when started i hope, i had a big problem when banking luckily i have maintained a manual entry, as normally i search what sales figures to match cash it confuses . hope will find a solution may be override wp , an option to search by wp and date range individually?

What is discussed here is little different @gsreddy. The search by date discussion has been worked over a million times now so let’s try and keep this discussion on topic.

Has the date issue been resolved yet.
Come to first stocktake since switching to samba at the hotel and tipically the previous work period was a past midnight end LOL
These are my work period dates.
Selecting date range of 15/02/16 to 06/03/16 proved dificult…

Putting that date range returned 15/02/16 to 04/03/16
I ended up having to put to 07/03/16 and it luckilly didnt count today as hadnt closed yet.
I cant be the only one having this issue and see it as a pretty big snag personally.

It makes sense to me. Maybe I’m the only one but Walmarts system worked like that. if I wanted to include the 6th I had to search up to the 7th. Doing it this way works great for after midnight systems.

Thats new, didnt realise it was counding ‘last day’ ok got report I needed now however think the mixed past midnight work periods is still an issue.
See below, I do;
01/03/16 to 04/03/16 = 01/03/16 to 03/03/16
01/03/16 to 05/03/16 = 01/03/16 to 04/03/16
01/03/16 to 06/03/16 = 01/03/16 to 04/03/16
01/03/16 to 07/03/16 = 01/03/16 to 06/03/16