Idea to contact the customer with google contact or maybe facebook

its an idea to contact the customer with google contact or maybe facebook, this idea for my shop because we send text SMS to the customer special offer update them for delivery status

I am asking for this because the sambapos customer contact not really interactive like google contact, for example, google contact collect information like birthday accurate location address and I can connect the google contact with www.fullcontact.comaeb01848f78a13895ad160ef66055d8617d933a3_1_690x387

So what do you want?
Whats your question?

Not trying to be rude or confrontational but based on what you posted I could in the same way say;
I have an idea to instal sambapos on the moon.
Here is my idea;

Your diagram is not going to work, google contact is not just going to connect to your sql database via sql, it will not be in a schema it will understand if it even had that functionality (this I dont know - ive not used but doubt it).

You will likely need to create script in sambapos which interact with whatever 3rd party systems API you want to work with.

First thing you need to do is find out what functionality whatever systems API has to offer.


He posted it as an Ad originally, someone change to a Question. Maybe he wanted to pay someone to implement this for him?

yes I add an advertisement I need someone to make a small app to connect google contact with samba customer details because I send usually an SMS from mobile to customer to buy directly using our website or facebook or to call us directly

Wouldn’t it be easier to generate a Csv file for customer database and upload it to google contacts.