Ideas for Combo Setup

@emre portions is refreshing the Group Price Sum in header correctly now thank you for that, however now adding an order with only a single portion is not refreshing it. Example below:

Again clearly its working… its just not refreshing.

Ok here is an update on my flow… several things to note…

  1. The change Drink button and Change Side buttons only show up if their order type is selected. Example Change Side button only shows up if a side is selected and Change Drink button only shows if a Drink is selected.

  2. This setup lets you swap out designated menu items in the combo and lets you change portions and adjusts price accordingly.

  3. The prices are all promotion prices so a large Diet Coke that is part of a combo costs less than a Large Diet Coke that is not part of a combo.

Anyway I am 95% done… few formatting things to iron out like the actual header name… Combo 1 is a place holder also I want to tweak some of the looks of portions on screen etc.

I am not quite ready to share the configuration yet but I will soon hopefully.

EDIT: Forgot to mention also if you are in middle of a change of an item it will not let you select anything other than the type of item you are swapping… it will warn you. Here is an example of that:


Can you please show me a quick tutorial on your actions and rules and printer template. I kinda think I wanna try to use this as a temporary solution until emre figures something out for my order tag issue.

Now that im seeing your printout I dont see why I cant just use this to resolve all my issues.

Emre didnt show his actions for his rules. Can you guys please help me out a little? Im actually really excited to see if I can actually make this work.

Yes I will do a full tutorial and configuration task.


The task is done but I have a few issues I need to fix. It’s not importing some quoted syntax right so I need to manually edit it. I’ll post it when I fix the small issues.

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@Hasa here are the screenshots of my current setup.

Custom Product Tags:

Price Definition:

Example showing alternative prices for combo marked items:

Example how I used the custom product tags (Anything designated Combo 1 auto adds the item)

My Menu’s I swap between them with Fast Menus.

How my Combo menu was setup to execute ACM:



Automation Commands:

Thats it so far… I am still working on it so it will change when I do the tutorial. Sorry its a lot and it may not be easy to follow but that is all of it for how I set it up. You will notice I used a State flow for removing and adding orders to it. That same idea can be used to build one that turns combo on and anything you select will add to combo… then it turns combo state off based on a flow you choose.


Oh almost forgot here is my printer template:

-- General layout
<C00>870 799-3980
<C00>511 W 6th STREET
<C00>NEWARK, AR 72562
<J00>{TICKET NO}  TE#01|[=FD('{TICKET DATE}',"MMM.dd`yy")]([=FD('{TICKET DATE}','ddd')]){TICKET TIME}
<C10>Order #{TICKET STATE:ONumber}      {TICKET STATE:SG}
<J10>Sub Total|{PLAIN TOTAL}
<J10>Tax|{TAX TOTAL}
<J10>Total|${TICKET TOTAL}
<C10>Visit us on Facebook!






<J00>    {QUANTITY} {NAME}

-- Default format for orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags
<J00>      - {ORDER TAG NAME} 

-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

Wow thats alot. Thanks for taking the time to show me, I really appreciate it.

Sorry can you please just explain to me how I could possibly approach my situation. Is there a way to pick combo items from order tag screen?

The combo items I am using are Menu Items… not order tags… Not sure what you mean by order tags… thats a different setup.

Okay could I somehow make next button navigate to a menu that I define?
I think I may be onto something here.

Breakfast Special #1 AC
Add Egg (When egg order tagged navigate to meat menu)
Add Meat ( When meat order tagged navigate to Potatoes Menu)
Add Potatoes (When potatoes order tagged navigate to Toast menu)
Add Toast (when potatoes order tagged navigate to Main menu to continue new order)

Now ideally this could work if I figure out how to somehow allow multiple order tags and then be able to press next button to switch screen to a defined menu.

You can’t switch menu with next button but you could create a custom menu button for that. You can also create a custom flow using Order Tagged event and the switch menu automation. Lots of possibilities for you to try.

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Order tagged event won’t work because I don’t want done order tag to show up in kitchen. Can I put automation command in order tag screen area? I am aware I could place it in left side of screen like usual but now I have two close buttons and if they press the default close button on order tag screen it will completely ruin my setup

Why would it ruin your system?

I made a few small changes to my setup. I realized a mistake with how I configured it once I started adding the other combo menu items…

I no longer store the command value in the Add Promotion Order rule instead I am storing the Order Group Name when the Change Drink or Change Side button is pressed and passing that into my Add Drink or Add side rules for swapping items.

I will post updated rules etc when I am 100% finished. Main reason I was reluctant to share yet is because of this very reason. I was not done testing it fully.

To store the Order Group Name I had to use some JS thanks to @QMcKay showing me that.

[='{GROUP TAG}'.substr( 0, ('{GROUP TAG}'.indexOf(':')) )]

That strips the key and the colon and only shows Order Group Name.

Rule its stored at:

The change I did was remove the Store Command Value Combo action out of the Add Promotion Item rule. Adding the Store Command Value Combo action with the above syntax into each Change Drink on Combo Order rule and Change Side on Combo Order rule.


It now works flawlessly so what I am doing now is analyzing it and seeing if I can simplify it.

Here is the current state of it showing number of rules used.

I am hoping to simply if down to half that… also maybe building something more dynamic so less steps in defining combo items etc.

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idea I am toying with… what do you think? Application Subtitle

Here it is in Employee login not Admin:


Updated Ticket Template.

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