I'm user and not developer I'm almost giving up for the missing user-guide

Dear All
Thanks for your job
I download the V4 and I would like to use in my restaurant and of course to make a donation for your job.
But one’s I downloaded I tryed to start to setup Departments, menù, categories etc.
The problem is that, missing one complete user guide.
I’m not a computer expert, that’s why I have a restaurant.
In any case I tried and get lost.
All the guide I found are incomplete.
I’m thinking to give-up and try to looking for something more user friendly.
Do you have any suggestion? how to procede?
I maybe didn’t find the right way to procede?
This wonderful job without a user guide cut the possibility to be used to a big percent of people.

This has been discussed many times, unfortunately the flexibility of samba makes it very hard to have a full user guide, plus the rate which samba develops new stuff is added each week.

You can as many questions on the forum and Lilly receive the answer you need.

Samba can be daunting at first but one you follow a couple tutorials it will ‘click’ and you’ll soon be doing all sorts of fancie things.

Any way, what are you stuck on?

Most I have difficult to understand how it generally work.
for example I created 3 departments Breakfast-lunch dinner and bar.
Then for each department I have to create a menu/product.
But how I can enter the separately menu for each department? or how I can associated the product with the department or the menu?

Another think. it is possible to add sub categories?
Category: Beverage
sub category: wine, soft drinks, etc

Create menu name according to your Dept
product -> menu list -> add menu --> Breakfast-lunch
product -> menu list -> add menu --> Dinner
product -> menu list -> add menu --> Bar
register your product to menu
go to setting Departments add new Department Breakfast-lunch and so on
assign your default menu for each Departments

The forum is a great resource. Use the search function of forum and also read and practice the tutorials from the tutorials forum category.

Due to how Sambapos is so configurable there is not really a way to create a manual. Following tutorials will get you familiar very fast. Practice the ones you won’t use as well they will give you good knowledge.

You can also post an Ad in the Ads forum category if you want to seek professional help from forum community. There are several people that might help you for a fee.

@marco I can see that yo have viewed 6 topics and read 17 posts which means you have not utilized the forum much. The forum is your manual. The forum is much better than any manual in fact it shows details manuals leave out and it has community members that answer questions which manuals dont do.

Please try using the forum it has answers to all your questions.

Actually with a lot of patience and the info get from mercyhendra (thanks) I’m already sorting out a lot of thinks.
I checked in the forum but look like who post is already a step in front of the real beginner like me, and missing the first easy steps.
I say that because I think a simple starting user guide will help also to the software to expand faster and increase the number of users.
Like I said I was very near to give-up and I’m happy i didn’t, but how many User give-up just after download?
Anyway thanks for the prompt answers.

Here is a great starting point.

The forum is chocked full of beginner tutorials and advanced tutorials. Its a great resource to browse.

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Another request for very basic beginner tutorials…

I know I said before but think those videos I was intending to make would be quite useful for very early beginners. Also useful for my customers.

Not much help for this occasion but my plan is to get a series of samba 1.0 videos on the real basic intro stuff to get people started.

My current time scale is to have made first handful by christmas covering basic navigation and where things are, basic products and menu setup, basic automation.

Every day lots of beginners use this forum. Yes there are advanced tutorials but there is plenty of beginner information as well. I see lots of people say there isn’t yet their user statistics show they barely even looked at the forum. The fact is there is an abundance of beginner knowledge on the forum.

We can also answer questions and give links to information if asked.

I’m not saying there isn’t just that a video tutorial with commentary could be more beneficial for the beginners to get a grasp of terminology etc which in turn allows them to know what terms to search for :smile:
Either way, it’s on my list of projects and hopefully it would prove useful for beginners.

I know I found samba very daunting at the very beginning and didn’t know what to search for on the forum and as said earlier if you end up on an advanced tutorial it can be quite off putting.
Most of my beginner experience was virtually all growling trial and error but then I always find that to be quite an effective learning method personally conpaired to a quicker tutorial/manual as your mistakes help you learn more for when you end up problem solving.

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Now I know and I Agreed with you, but that was my feeling when I start and believe I’m not the only one.
You need to consider the users usually a person who work many hours in the restaurant with no time and have very basic knowledge of computer, software, forums etc. Download, get scared, and go to buy the expensive software with few hours of assistance included.
In the home page of Samba Pos website a link with wrote “how to start and configure”, there organize all the post with the basic info already existing in the forum.
Anyway no critics at all, it’s just my modest opinion if it can help.