Image for Regular Customers

Hi guys
Working in Thailand, my staff will find it easier to look at a picture of a regular customer rather than find his name or number. Is it possible to replace names with images on the entity screen rather like the product screens.
If that can’t be done, how about showing his VIP number under his name on the entity screen? It’s difficult for them tell who is who when there are many Johns, Peters and Bobs etc.
Outback Jack

With v4 you can not do this. With v5 you can. Hopefully v5 releases soon.

Well, yes, but only with Entity Buttons. The Entity Grid still does not allow for this, which would be far more useful than setting up a Button for each Customer, especially if you have more than 20.

@emre, I would still like to see this implemented in v5 - something like an Entity “Detail” Grid Widget.


I have to say it would be an entity grid that would be great with any number of pages, say with 25 or so faces on a page; that could be really useful.