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I noticed in the video of the scale integration demo that your products had images instead of names, I was curious how this is possible in SambaPOS. I checked the values/qualities of the products but did not see anything related to placing images.


You can find related settings under Menu List. Edit menu, click on a category and click “Edit Product Properties” command.


Thank you for the excellent support. I am testing it out now. Thank you for providing a free POS solution we have been using it since v2 and once there are paid addons I will be glad to buy them to support you. Nothing can be free forever but I love the fact that you invest time in this and support it, makes a real difference and has made our life at our coffee shop easy. Lots of compliments on our POS. We run it on a ELO touch screen and via RDP on a galaxy tab.

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hi there
i have added images to the products on the back office computer but i can see the images on this computer but can not see them on the tills. what do you think is the problem? or it does not sync images with the tills? do i have to move images to the tills and do the same on each one?

There is no automatic sync. You can put them on a network path or copy them to client computers. If you have a lot of hi res images copying to clients will work faster.


thank you very much emre…

also what should the product image dimensions be? coz when i choose image only theres blank space on both sides.

It depends on your screen resolution and button sizes. Generally using bigger images than buttons looks better.

What resolution should images be?

Hi…am just getting started with SambaPos V4…Kindly assist me on how to add product images.I have search entirely but couldnt get a solution

@emre answered your question here: