Import - Export customer Records via Database tool

Hi @emre, is there any plan to incorporate option in Database Tool module so that customer records can be imported or exported. This would be very useful and less time consuming editing etc… for large customer records.

For example I would like to import/export below data for customer records…

current options available…

Thank you…

It designed to import & export base configuration data and it supports a unique data format. Does exporting & importing data through this tool will have a benefit for you? I think you’ll need to import from (or export to) excel or similar common formatted files.

I think option to import/export to a excel would be good. It does not need to be though
the database tool.
Last week I had to spend hours going through each records correcting some data. I could have corrected in 5~10 minutes if I was able to export the data.

Doesn’t Batch Entity Editor is useful for that?

I did use Batch Entity Editor. I believe import/export option would be an useful/enhancement option to have.

OK I see. I was planning a separate module for that but I was thinking it will be useful for first install. I think we can implement features for frequent use since some users also needs excel exports to be able to use SMS sending services.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Is there any update with the customer import/export tool?

I successfully imported mine (1500+ records) using a modified version of the procedure here

I would suggest entering one test customer, and enter full details.


  1. export the data from your SQL installation (and include headers).

  2. import into excel or spreadsheet application.

  3. open your current customer database and copy and paste the names/ addresses/ numbers etc. into the relevant sections.

  4. import the data back into your SQL database, making sure you overwrite whatever was in there so you don’t have double entries.

Done! :smile: