Import previous data

thanks for creating this much needed open source project.

I’m migrating from a proprietary system and would like to import my previous sales data. Anyone done this before? How should I proceed?

I could export all the previous database tables into csv format but how do I import that into SambaPOS?

Any help appreciated,

The database structure between your old system and SambaPOS is too different. There is no way to migrate the data.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

What if I get a detailed list of invoices? If I get data with the following heading…

**- Invoice Number

  • Date
  • Table Open Time
  • Table Close Time
  • Quantity
  • Category
  • Product
  • Price
  • End Of Day Date**

Basically it’s a simple list of every transaction made. From that, a script could be generated to import the data into SambaPOS’s database. I took a database course once, though I don’t have much experience. I only did one project.

I know it’s not easy, but I think it’s a very important feature, and may be the reason many users are not moving to SambaPOS. Not everybody is gonna start their business with SambaPOS.

Any help appreciated,

There are thousands of POS systems out there, and migrating from them all is an almost impossible task.
Every system has its own database structure, and various amounts of data that can be exported and this makes it hard.

Just creating a bulk product import tool took me 4 days due to the structure. There was around 12-13 tables that needed populating and linking in specific orders to work.

Pick a rollover date, and then start using SambaPOS. Keep your old system for historical data. Usually end of financial year is the best time to change.

The best thing to do is pick a date and start using sambapos from that date on… dont uninstall the old pos, so you have all the statistics up to that date, and form the dte you picked up w=you will have new stats…
i have been thruu this process three times… and beleive its not possivel to exp/imp data, unless you are willing to re-type…