Improve SambaPOS installation for multi computer environments


I think we can improve SambaPOS installation and help new people setup SambaPOS on multi computer environments much faster.

Network Installation.

Server Computer:
Install SambaPOS with MS SQL Express 2014 as one product.
Installation should configure MS SQL Express 2014 with DB name, User Name and Password.
Installation should create a shared folder from where client computers can install SambaPOS.

Client Computers:
Open server shared folder \SERVER\Client Install
Client Installation should include Data Connection String.

I work with a few applications that work this way. Please let me know if I am not explaining the setup properly.


Problem with that is they are two different software one made by Microsoft. I’m not sure he can package it like that. The localdb install does this already via localdb version of SQL Express.


I believe SQL 2014 Express can be embedded with SambaPOS installation. It does not cost anything additional.
It is free as long as a license to redistribute Express edition is registered with Microsoft.

SQL Server Express is 132 MB download. Isn’t it too much just to evaluate software? I thought we can offer it as a separate setup but security related settings (tcp ports, etc…) will still need manual configuration or user still needs to know the name of server :slight_smile:


I will be nice if you can add an additional option under custom installer for SQL 2014 Express.

As far as server path, it can be displayed on last screen when completing SambaPOS install.

Simple message under the checkbox “Lunch SambaPOS”. “To install SambaPOS to another computer go to \%computername%\Client\SambaPOS.exe”

In regards to security, users should turn off firewall and setup hardware firewall.

I am making an assumption that most restaurants have more than one computer. When I first started experimenting with SambaPOS my first thought was if it can be networked and how to setup it.

For me, it was simple to setup because I have been working with Client/Server applications for awhile, but it might turn off feature prospective SambaPOS users if it is too hard to configure.

Simplicity and automation seems to be where IT in general is heading.

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I was thinking these should configured by technical people as such configurations needs a specific expertise. Maybe I should change that mindset.

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This is very subjective and I do not think accurate description honestly. I agree with Emre on this that it should be left for specific expertise. However he could possibly look at a better Localdb experience or a way to explain the install options more thoroughly on install.


I think we can agree to disagree with my statement. I will give a few examples where configuring IT has been simplified.

Server Virtualization:
We are now able to setup and run a server within minutes without a lot of knowledge. In Azure and Amazon services, a Windows server can be deployed from a webpage. :smile:

Server Configuration:
When configuring a new role on Windows Server 2012, wizards will complete all necessary prerequisites. Windows Server 2003 needed a laundry list prerequisites to install a role.

Programmers were considered guinness’ and geeks, now everyone is able to write code. Look how many apps Apple Store, Google Play and MS Store have.

I try to enter in discussion, but maybe was better to open new thread… anyway…
I set up sambapos (1 server + 4 printers wifi + 5 tablet android) all work perfectly. Only one question:
Server and tablets use a different windows user (POS , tab1 , tab2, tab3, tab4),
In samba pos config every terminal is configured with name (POS , tab1 , teb2 etc…)…
In user/username/sambapos/ (path is right) i created config file for all users

Maybe i make some mistake but i cannot configure size buttons indipendently for terminals, if i change POS all others will change. I’d need because monitor of cassa is 19" , 1 tablet 9" (this is for barmen, other 2 tablet 7" (waitress) and… 5" phone for backup (add new waitress or battery…). i know was better all with the same size but i have what i have :slight_smile:

I personally didn’t find any issues with setting up samba or the MS Server. I wouldn’t want you to change anything in that regard. @emre


I did have any issues setting up SambaPOS, my recommendation is to make it easier for new users who are less technically inclined.

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What @na1978 brings up is a valid point and can be proven by simply looking at all of the installation issue posts in forum there are plenty of them. What we need to do is agree on the method. I do not think it should be made into something that is completely idiot proof as this would mean the experts will get their options and control taken away. I would be interested to see more discussion on this however.

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