In Kitchen display, how to separate orders and not to join on one ticket

Hi me again with Ticket lister question

How do I make separate ticket orders to the kitchen screen instead of one large table ticket with many different courses on it when sending to kitchen?

E.g…A large order for a table including starters for main and starters for starter.

Waiter selects food items that should go with starters and then closes to send the order to the kitchen screen, then he reopens table again to order main courses so as to create a separate ticket for main courses.

The ticket must stay separate from other tickets from the same table. Unfortunately mine gets added together on one ticket in the kitchen ticket lister, so chef doesn’t know what is meant to be starters and what is mains.

Many Thanks

You can create separate ticket lister for each course and use filter to display them in its category.

Actually I am about to request some kind of Order Lister to list order line so, chef can select individual or multiple order lines amd mark as ready. It would be perfect for kitchen display.

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You can filter by order as well.

Well for kitchen perspective, they will group them by product so, they will count how many cheese burgers they have to cook at that moment let say order that come in about the same time. They will not gonna finish everything on the first ticket then start the next ticket.

How would it be organized? I mean how would they know which products go with which tickets and not get someones full order out too late? You want it to show tickets but be able to select orders off the tickets? I could see that being useful if that’s the case.

5x Cheese Burger

  • Table 2 x 2 Time 11:30
  • Table 1 x 3 Time 11:35

Something like this. That what my chef do when it’s rush hour. Option to choose interval to merge order would be great.

Actually, Ticket lister with individual order line selectable would be fine. They still can do the old way. then they just select each one and mark as ready.

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I have had the same issue, and resolved this with Order Filter.
[REVISION] I still have to make separate tickets, as we don’t see them grouped on the screen but if the kitchen confirm Kitchen order ready, Entree and Mains are from the screen. Working on this.
See below.

‘{GROUP CODE}’==‘Chips’ || ‘{GROUP CODE}’==‘Entree’ || ‘{GROUP CODE}’==‘Salads’