Incorrect item sale sum

sambapos v5 we have two department, but after every work shift the report will record 2 item sold like water that is 500 and the sum will be 3000 which is supposed to be 1000 and other itemswhat is the issue

SambaPOS supports custom report tags and SQL queries, you could have wrote that report query in any number of ways, and no one can help you until you share the query and screenshot of results

I didn’t edit the shift record report
Or any report
I only created new departments, new menu, new printers action and rules

Show a screenshot example please.


it’s a mistake in my code i wrote a for departmental reports that where the problem is coming from but i have delete the report

my next question is i have two departments Restaurant and Pool bar
i want to create a report for food sold only and drinks sold only so that the kitchen can also prink all they sold and the other restaurant which also have a mini bar can print for food and drinks sold on a work period shift for each users.

i have created productType to differentiate them food and drinks

This can help you create your reports. 9. Reports – SambaPOS Knowledgebase