Increasing the size of department button

I know that you can increase the size of the whole samba windows and its fully adjustable, by holding ctrl, shift and putting your mouse of sambapos logo at top left and using scroller to increase or decrease size/resolution of everything. This also increases the size of the department buttons at the bottom, but in cases of tablets, the more you increase the size, the bigger everything becomes, sometimes to a point where order screen becomes really small, and when you have many categories and items in a category, you have to scroll down through them to reach a category. Such as below

This becomes a little inconvenient when dealing with tablets. You cant increase the size of samba big enough to make it easier for fat fingers to press the departments easily without the everything else including order screen becoming massive.

If you make it smaller so that all is on screen without scrolling bars, then the department buttons become too small for a fat finger to press easily on an 8" tablet.

On an 8" Tablet, that size of screen just above makes the department buttons too small to press. Increasing the size of everything helps a little, but make it big enough then you have scrolling bars.

Is there a way to increase the size of the department buttons or the footer of the program separately to the rest of samba, or simply a sizeable option for department buttons.

Or would we have to create an AMC with department values and having them to access them via ticket and entity screen.

You can resize by hitting Ctrl+Shift+mouse wheel??? Doesnt seem to work for me
EDIT:[quote=“Shivan, post:1, topic:12901”]
putting your mouse of sambapos logo at top left
Didnt read

Local Settings > Display > Footer Height.

Set it to 60px or more. A restart might needed.

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Ahh I didn’t know bout that feature. I’ll test it out. Thanks emre

I did not know this! But, how do I reset it back to default? Is there a setting somewhere I can reset?

Same area as the Footer Height. Set Window Scale to 100%

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… additionally ctrl + shift + double click on logo will reset it to %100.


Haha @emre always surprising us with all these hidden features we have yet to discover. Love it! I thats another thing I just learnt :stuck_out_tongue: