Individual Cashier Report printed by each cashier

Hello Guys,

I have an issue with reporting. You know once you give access for reporting in SambaPOS, the individual will see all reports.
Please is there a way i can make it that each cashier can log in and print his/her indivial Cashier report without have access to other cashiers report?

Thank you in anticipation.

You would need to look to use a custom entity screen with a reports widget, sure this has been covered on forum if you search around.

Please can you send me the link? I have been looking for it on the forum.

first example on search for ‘user report entity screen’

Shows some example code

We use an entity screen to provide multiple reports specific to the user. This is where they go to print out their reports. They do not have access to the reports module.

  1. Creating reports filtering for the user
  2. Create custom entity screen
  3. Add report widgets
  4. Create action and rules to print those reports

Can i see your action and rules for printing?