Individual Entry Tickets Print Only When Ticket Closed


I have been using V2 for a long time but now just paid for V5,

I am trying to create different types of entry tickets for my front door till.

I have been trying to use parts of tutorials from vouchers and gift cards that use entities and I am sort of on the right track but I have no need to create individual entities and store them like a gift card.

I am looking at entities just so that the order status can be updated when the menu item is added and then only printed when paid and the order status is again updated,

Doing this prevents voids/cancel/gift etc after the ticket was printed.

Initially that is all I did created an automation/rule/print just to print a Adult Entry ticket every time an adult entry was added to the ticket but very easy just to print them and then cancel the menu item and still have the entry ticket.

There are several different types of ticket I want but I can duplicate once I can get one working,.

Any help please would be appreciated,

Is there any way to do this without using entities or not individual ones. Printing only when paid would also get me multiple numbers of entry tickets hopefully so if qty is changed to 5 it will print 5 tickets for me when paid,


I still don’t understand the flow.

I guess you want to get paid and print. just like fast food service no entity to select just create ticket get paid and print.

Create Rule using Payment Process event and constraint to Remaining Amount 0 then select action to print ticket.

For print each individual qty I’m not sure which one try last 2 on the dropdown list

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Thank you for your reply I really do appreciate it.

I will have a play around with your answers to see if they help me,

I will also explain the flow a little better

I have created 2 print templates, One for Adult Admission and one for Child Admission. They are single tickets not part of a receipt ticket.

When a customer wants to enter they pay either adult or child price and I want an entry ticket printed for each. Not a receipt but one of the admission tickets I created.

If there are 2 adults then I would like 2 adult admission tickets printing or 2 adults and a child etc etc.

How I have it now when you add an adul;t admission it will immediately print an Adult admission ticket as I have a rule to print job on adding a line item of Adult Admission. same for child.

Problem with that is you can add eg. 2 adults and one child. It will print the templates and then just cancel the line item and they have the ticket still.

So similar to a gift certificate or voucher I dont want it to print until the money is paid but dont need most of the stuff that entity comes with.

I will look at “Create Rule using Payment Process event and constraint to Remaining Amount 0 then select action to print ticket.” and see if that will do the trick

Does that explain things better.

I will expand this to hopefully a combo item that includes a family ticket of 2 adults and 2 kids, That will be the next challenge to get 2 adult and 2 kids tickets from one menu item.

Thanks again for any help


The print individual by order method should work.
You’ll want to add seccond print template and job etc with mappings if you want two templates.

I m struggling with your explanation but it’s just tickets you want to pint?


Yes just an entry ticket that they keep and can be checked at any time to make sure they paid to get in the venue.

Similar to a bus ticket so that they know you have paid

So setup print so it prints each order seperatly inc each order of same product. It’s one of those options.
Wether you make seperate templates to use the order name to show the type of ticket.


Thanks again for help

I have tried individual and separated prints options on both ticket and the templates but no change. They still print one bill with just multi lines on the ticket.

I am looking for more than just a line entry on a bill ticket

I would like a ticket with a large ticket printed with just admission details which is why i created a custom print template for them


some terms and conditions etc etc

My idea of a an action and rule when a menu item is added works but is not secure enough.

I need a print job that executes on payment or other secure change and prints a custom print template for certain menu item or group items, i,e Admission Group.

I can get individual pieces like a print for only admission group using mappings on a print job but I am struggling to put it all together. I cant seem to tie together a print job for a specific product that will only print when the bill is paid.

I have work arounds like removing Gift and Cancel buttons so that they cant remove the menu item but I would rather not have to do that unless it is not possible to get what im trying.

Changing a menu items state from ordered to paid seemed to work for gift cards and vouchers but I cant do that without entities involved it appears.

I am still learning the ropes and think I am looking in too many places, i,e using the same as a kitchen print job that executes on a status change

I understand it but am still struggling to get it together and there are so many ways to do things which is great when you have got the experience lol

I am going through existing rules and tutorials trying to find something similar to help


I had another idea to lock the ticket in the same action that printed the template on menu add item. It worked but cancel still works when a ticket is locked so again you can get a entry ticket and cancel the whole transaction

Damm so close lol

As a door till im guessing there is no entities to ay away a ticket to?
In which case just use the same flow as a kitchen printer which goes on ticket close which will be paid if you cannot close without payment.

Lock ticket? Think your over thinking it.

Execute print job on payment processed with remaining amount = 0 as sugested earlier.
Print job mapping specific products to whatever template you want.
The drop down to one of those bottom 2 which will print a seperate ticket for each order seperatly to the corasponding template.

You are a STAR !!!

and you were also correct I was over thinking it

I have my test working now and it prints on payment,

I think the penny dropped when you said “mapping specific products to whatever template you want”

I was struggling to think how to get it to check if a product had been added to the ticket but using the mapping just means if it is on the ticket it will print the template you want and if its not on the ticket then you dont have to print it.,

Again thanks for all your help and hopefully someone else can make use of it,.

Next thing when I have put this in working environment is combo products but not even searched anything on that yet,