Individual rate per person for artistic couvert

hello good afternoon, I’m using version 4 of this wonderful system, now how do I launch an individual artistic fee couvert with the count of people, I tried to do with the count of people using tag, actions and rules through a tutorial found in this forum .
So that’s the problem and that when it’s released it’s counted on the waiter’s commission. how could you make the count of people flipping the couvert without getting into the service fee?

sorry my english I use the google translator
Thank you and I’ll be waiting!

Am not really understanding but guessing you have some form of calculation for commision?
You presumeably need to key on to whatever you want to exclude from commision such as state, order custom tag or something.
However without knowing more about your setup and how these things are calculated and how your reporting your not going to get much sugestion?

JTRTECH, is as follows
I have a calculation formula for commission 10% service fee ok.
now what I want to know and if I can set up another rate being an individual rate with fixed amount, that the waiter can inform the number of people at the table and automatically he converts the amount of people times the individual rate and give the result below without entering the other service fee

good evening, aindo I’m having the problem of individual artistic cover charge per person, I decided to temporarily releasing it as a product, could someone help me?

From what I have read you could use a seccond calculation but sum the two on the printer template? Hows that sound?
Or if not you would need to change service charge to be a fix price3 and manually updated amount and then program automation to update that calculation amount on ticket total changed (the % charge) and based on a fixed factor like ticket tag for covers count.

What? I do not understand. Could you explain me better?

Make two seperate calculations, one for service/commision and one for the per person fee.
Then on print template change so it doesn’t show the two seperatly but adds them.

sure as the waiter would put the amount of people who are on each ticket? to add or multiply by the service charge

Update the per person charge with automation using the covers number set…

if not ask too much would have how to do a tutorial, would be very grateful