Inner Exception error


Hello Samba Club.
I have this problem when I start Samba POS 4

There is a Problem.
An Exception Error occured while initializing the database. See the InnerException for Details.

I made a Backup to restore my Data in another PC, After restore I restart samba and I get this error.
I use Backup Module from Samba Market.
Can I get some help?

Thank You


Show us the details of that error. Inner exception can mean anything. We need to see the actual error details.


Pretty self explanatory. Corrupt db. Try to took it recommends.


Compact Edition, naff, much more prone to this type of issue from my experience. Propper SQL Express every time.


If you cannot recover the database I would recommend using proper SQL Express not CE edition.
If you cant recover and dont have a backup you will have to start from scratch.


By searching for forum for convert CE to SQL and following the tutuorial on the first search result you get


Try converting but might not work if database is corrupt.


What’s still CE? You convert the ce file database to mdf I think then import into SQL express instance and change samba to link to SQL rather than CE file. You need to better explain what you did and what’s different for us to help.


You need to set your connection string now. Go to find the sql server setup documents.


No you need to read the instructions.