Input from users for a label printer

I’m looking for a good label printer. Ideally, it would be nice to use with Samba, but not necessary. I’m hoping get some feedback from users on brands/models they had success with…or to steer clear of.

It will be using mostly to label products (barcodes, prices,.item numbers, etc.) Ideal features would be (from most important to least important):

  • Ability to print different sized labels (as small as .75" x 1" (2cm x 2.5cm) approx.)
  • Works with SambaPOS
  • Networkable


That’s quite a small label.
Brother label printers seem popular but not sure how well they will work with samba.
Zebra printers I think are the better end of the scale and priced to match, as I understand it they support a specific language you can send out from samba, it resembled coordinates for sections allowing more complex layouts, but never used myself. Pretty sure there is a couple of old topics documenting use of label printers either on this forum or posibly even the old v3 kne.

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We use the Zebra 420d for our delivery labels. It accepts media from 0.75" - 4.25" (I’m guessing label widths from 1" to 4").

Zebra printers are not the cheapest but are workhorses and with ZPL you could design a plain-text template then use ticket or report expressions to populate it. Built in barcode generation, too.

There’s a learning curve to ZPL but there’s also Zebra Designer that lets you (kinda) WYSIWYG a label and get the code to use.

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I agree. I like to make up a list of things I need, then a list of “wants”. I’d rather cover this base now than have to cover it later by buying another label printer.

I did read quite a few topics on the forum, most of them were dated around 2016.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check into that one.

I have purchased an epson L90 for a project I want to do with samba. It works great since it functions like a regular thermal register printer.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will check that one out as well!

Think main issue with epson would be size options and media costs as when I looked as had one of these printers label options were limited and very expencive.