Inserted product exceeded warning

Is it possible through the automations to create an alert when modifying the tad of an order it exceeds a certain price?
Example: entering a pizza and making changes that increase the price gives me a warning when this exceeds 8 euros.

Using an Order Tagged event in a Rule should be able to show a warning message (show message) when a total price is greater than number.

The report tag I used {ORDER DETAILS:O.TotalPrice:Order.IsSelected}. You could constrain it further to a particular menu item or menu group.

— Edit—

You will be hit with the warning message every time you try to add an order tag to the order.

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ok, how do I bind it only to the pizza category?

Set Execute Rule If to Matches All

Press Add Custom Constraint and put

{GROUP CODE} Equals Pizza

Its case sensitive and make sure it matches your group code name.

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Great, works perfectly, thanks for the help

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during the work I encountered a problem, in practice the warning comes out only on the server workstation and not on the tablet connected in rdp. can this problem be solved?