Install sambapos to web server

I want to ask if sambapos can be installed to a Web Server (in a cms or html based or asp .net) and the owner can handle from his store the orders.

Thank you

Not at this time. SambaPOS is a stand-alone application that runs on Windows and uses SQL Express as the DBMS. There is no web-based interface for it and it does not connect with the “cloud” … at least not yet.

Yes you can.
i develop a custom application in .NET For Manage Multiple Reports.
Live Sale and Manage Multiple Branches

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@arslan, please elaborate.

If you developed a custom application that accesses the DB, then that is your application - not SambaPOS. That said, there could be a lot of interest in what you are doing, but it is not natively supported within SambaPOS at this time.

Sorry @QMcKay You are Right
thats my Application Not SambaPOS :smile:

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@arslan, you should talk directly with @emre if you have not done so already… he is planning cloud-based services in his roadmap and might be interested in what you have done.

P.S. I developed a PHP inventory system for SambaPOS too, because I didn’t like its current implementation. So I guess you could say SambaPOS is installed to a Webserver - a computer that runs IIS to host the PHP with direct access to the DB :wink: However V5 may make my solution obsolete - there are many improvements to Inventory within V5 already.

Are you willing to share your application?

Wish u would share the app much intrested in such type of reports