Installation Language - How to change it?

Hello friends. I remember when I were installing V5 it was asking in what language I want to install. But during my last 2 installations, it wasn’t asking for that, and installing SambaPOS in system’s language, maybe this feature removed in latest updates. It is ok, I could change language after installation in settings. But there is an issue, when I change language in settings, buttons for the automation commands and many other things remaining in previously used language to protect from working issues. But is there a way that I can use to change those too? Because I’ve installed fresh and it will not cause any problem right now.

Utomation command button headers are not part of language for actual app.
You’ll likely find that these are set just based on install language.
As they are not a language based field but customisable, once created they will not be updated via change of system language.
Automation command buttons are no different to any custom buttons, ie changing language would translate custom buttons.
These headers would need to be updated manually if changing language after install.

Thanks for your reply. Now I am looking for a way to fresh install in english. I tried to uninstall SambaPOS and DBs, but no effect.

So, I solved the issue by changing windows regional settings to US, deleted Samba DB with the help of SQL Mamagement Studio and reinstalled SambaPOS. But anyway, manual selection of language is better option on first setup. Thanks :wave:

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