Installed Sql server 2014 with two different Instances running two version of Sambapos

Hi, Have a little problem with my Sql server.

  1. I have install sql server 2014 with two instances, SQLEXPRESS as the first instance and default instance. running Sambapos V4

  2. The Second Instance is named Sambapos5 and running Sambapos V5

  3. The first instance running the sambapos V4 Connect Successfully but the second instance connected to the Sambapos V5 cannot connect any longer after the first successful connection.

Please help me Solve this issue. Thank you

You need to change the connection string in SambaPOS to connect to the other instance.

However I do not recommend you set it up like this, because running 2 instances of SQL Server is just wasting system resources.

Just uninstall the 2nd instance of SQL Server, and then add your SambaPOS5 database to your original instance. You can have any number of databases on the same instance of SQL Server 2014. The fact one is v4 and the other v5 is irrelevant, because SQL Server will just the database engine, it only matters for SambaPOS that you each version of the software to the correct database.


Defiantly the best way to do it. I have 5-6 DB for several samba setups along with DB for a couple of other apps all in the single instance.


Thanks Markjw and JTRTech for the quick response, pls how do i create a different database for the Sambapos V5 without affecting my version for V4 database since i want both to run a different database serving two different Restaurant. Thank you

If you enter a database name in the connection string which is not already existing samba creates the database.


You mean something like this string (Data Source=Dell\SQLEXPRESS; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos)
by the way this is the string for my default database

You dont have a database part of the string? So not sure whats going on there.
There is a button which gives you a field list for the sections of the string if you feel more comfortable editing with that.

It worked Successful. Much Thanks JTRTech

it will work is you use on the 1st instance database source = sambapos5

2nd instance datasource = sambapos6 (it’s up to you)

running 2 SQL instances on 1 PC

Let’s sa PC1 will connect to database = sambapos5
PC2 will connect to database = sambapos6

You don’t need multiple instances just multiple databases.
I have at least a dozen databases for different versions and clients so can just change database name in connection string to go between setups.
These all run under a single instance.
While you could run multiple instances there isn’t a need to.

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