Integrate card system

It’s possible to set-up that when you pass a card on system the customer account will open.
Inside you can increase the account balance and every time that the customer will buy something the balance will be decrease.

Thats almost how the built in account function works but in reverse

Add customer to ticket (edit them and create account if they dont already have one, this will activate account payment button on settle screen)

Go to settle screen and click account payment and the value of the ticket is added to the customer account

When they pay off their account you can go into their account and add the funds to it, reducing the balance

Ive not really messed that much with account but im sure you can reverse it to do what you want and when account button is pressed deduct it from the account balance instead of add it, and if there isnt enough in the account they either top it up or pay by another means

You can also have the account total displayed next to the customer name when you add them to the ticket so you can see how much they have or owe from the ticket screen

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Also regarding having cards for customers and managing that with their accounts, you can check out some of the SambaCard tutorials for ideas: