Integrate Shedul with Samba

My Sister in law currently runs a hair salon and has been using a appointments book for the past 11 years she has owned it… I was absolutely shocked that she is still in the stone age!!

I have done some research online for any free/cloud based systems out there and came across this

Now I have checked if they do an API but they don’t, so in my head the only think I ‘could’ do is to create a jscript windows within an entity screen to have the system integrated there via a exploring window…

Does anyone else have any idea? Ideally id like all the systems sales go to samba, but presumably as there is no API this is going to be impossible?


this looks good:

dunno if it’ll be easy to do… might be my way of learning API

Your problem if your going to try and interface via ‘browser’ pragmatically is you’ll probably be allot more vulnerable to updates breaking things as well as it being allot trickier.
Depending of the code they use its probably posible for sure but will never be the same as having a good API

You can pragmatically load a page and post values to the page but you would need to know the corasponding values etc which will leave you spending horse sifting through code trying to work out what’s what and even with experience wouldn’t be a fun job.

Hair dressers would be a profitable market as systems usually cost allot that include booking system and usually a web based pos type interface.
Generally id say they need the booking side over POS and if it wasn’t for the potential of samba to bridge the gap their epos demands are probably fairly minimal in same way a hotel without a bar or restaurant would happily survive with just a booking system.

I would love to see a good booing type setup in samba with a calander type setup.
Using Google calander API is only real viable solution for a majority samba based system.

But given a table booking system which would defiantly be of value to samba I think it is