Integration of sambapos with third party software

Graphql can create virtual terminals to interact with tickets. You can also access terminals if they are registered already. It can also access tickets directly.

The way our mobile solutions work is with graphql. It registers a virtual terminal and so most of the automation in sambapos applies like it does if you use a physical terminal. It does this through message server.

Graphql can also be used within sambapos automation and scripts.

A first step is to look at our integrators guide. Integrator's GraphQL API Guide

We are building a marketplace for developer partner solutions. If you build an integration to us for your service and you want to offer that to all sambapos customers we can discuss steps to put your solution on our marketplace. We would need to see it and test it meaning it would need to go through our quality control team and then we would certify it for our marketplace.

A marketplace would be really good motivation for solution providers, and if it won’t be considered some sort of spam (or a banal demonstration etc.), instead of the case written in the rows above, we would really love to place our solution on this marketplace which is batching (bundling) deliveries as explained -->here<-- .

We already applied for that at