Integration with Hotel PMS

As a regular user of the POS, there is a current or future development into integration with a Hotel PMS??


No there is no development being done. This is a restaurant POS. However you have the ability to do lots of things including possible integration with PMS but you won’t see an official SambaPOS solution for that which means you will need to do the hard work and either hire a developer or research, learn, and develop it yourself.

I have seen a few people interested in doing this but other than JTRTech nobody else has accomplished anything they just expect someone else to do it for them. His solution is very complex and it took him a long time to develop it for his needs. He can share how he did it to a point but you will need to learn it yourself and tailor it to your specific needs.

I did an intergration with NewBook PMS.
It wasn’t simple but I made it do more than it needed to just because I could.
You question is very vague though… Did you have a PMS in mind or open to ones with intergration available?
You main challenge will be getting API access as an unknown developer. I got lucky with NewBook but generally because they haven’t heard of samba they are less than forthcoming as expect to need to do device work their end.
The beauty of samba is so long as they have a good API samba can do all the work and give them the data their API needs.

we are a small group of hotels and island resorts with a specific PMS and we do have access to the backend of the system, our intentions are to use our current 4 properties with a mix of bars, restaurants, cafes, and tour desk to integrate with our PMS and to expand to other properties that are currently operating with the same PMS

What’s the pms? Is it local or cloud based?
If local you will probably struggle, if cloud based you need to find if they have an API of some sorts.

cloud base - Seekom (

Find out if they have an API then, if they do you can intergration (depending on available requests)
Couldn’t see any mention of API on site.
Also couldn’t see any mention of POSS which can be either good or bad, good that they don’t have any preference to push their own or preferred POS at you but also possibly bad that they may not have much in way of API.
They offer channel manager which suggests they have something in the way of API behind the scenes but you’ll need to ask… It might need you to push to speak to someone more knowlageable than general support desk.
The key point to make once in touch with someone who actually knows what an API is that it would most likely not require any device on there side.
I created most of my API scripts to be fairly expandable to other apis in hope that I could roll out to there PMS without full rewrite. It wouldn’t be a 5 minute job and can potentially offer you my services or my PMS intergration and large portion of scripts I put together fo mine are on the forum if you can give it the time to do work yourself.

It looks like they may not have an open API from looks of it they seek out integration partners but no mention of a DIY API.