Integration with third party software

I can help you for a price yes. To clear up something you seem confused about.

  1. Not all API are the same
  2. Sambapos 4 has no ability to work with any API
  3. Just because they offer an API it does not mean it will work with SambaPOS.
  4. This would not be easy and would take some time to develop as well as more input from you. You are in over your head in this I can tell simply from the lack of information you are supplying.
  5. I can help you with this for a fee. If interested you can email me at
  6. It would not be fast nor simple and it is nothing similar to my timetrex integration.

Thanks kendash
So happy to hear you are helping for free. I will send you information what I am looking from my email address which is

Thanks again

I think you misunderstood. I said for a fee not free. My time is valuable and I’m not going to take on a project like this for free.

My mistake. I do apologise. I understood free. I think there is no option in default sambapos v4 to integrate with third party software. Thanks I really appreciate your all reply and time you spent

Mandeep Are you in located in Bangalore?. I might be able to offer u useful advice. 8762802115

Hi. I am not available in Bangalore. But how can u help me ?