Integration with third party software

Hello everyone. Just for my non successful restaurant to successful restaurant I am looking some software which will provide the point to my customer. Now the person who will install the software want to integrate his software with sambapos. Can engineer please let me know how to integrate third party software with samba pod. He is asking API something . I am uploading snap as well to well understand . Please help me . I want to run my restaurant which is in really bad condition at the movement.

Hi @Mandeep_Singh i think you are using Laravel, i will help you please PM me all detail.
Thank You.

How can I send you detail PM and what detail do you need. Many thanks

Click on his name and hit the private message button. LIkely he needs to know what kind of integration your looking to do. Your information on this thread is very vague and does not tell us what you plan to do and why. V4 is limited in integration options but v5 is not. V5 supports jscript and also has a GQL support for integrations.

I need api key something to integration it’s POST something. Please thanks

SambaPOS does not have an API key and POST will not work at all with v4. V5 can support jscript and you can execute some POST methods within it.

There is no APIKEY etc but v5 does have the ability to enable apps via GQL. To do what you want you will need to upgrade to v5 and then supply us with more detailed information of what you want to do.

Hi @Jesse if I buy V5 then do you provide online support if I got any problem ? And after that am I able to integrate third party software ? Thanks

Do you know how to code? Are you fluent in jscript and have you looked at the GraphQL tutorials or integration points? What is your experience?

Can you explain more about your integration? What exactly are you wanting it to do. What does the integration do?

I can sell you a license for it but online support would cost depending on the project. License cost through me is $149.00 USD that is for license only no support.

You can find very good tutorials for v5 that cover a lot of integrations.

But it cost USD 99 only

No it does not. The $99 cost was limited time. Now it goes through a reseller.

Hi kendash I got more information regarding my integration topic. I want to send sambapos data to a server through post so that the serve could keep the data and update
For example. 1 customercame to my restaurant and he eat 100 dollar food. So after receiving my payment when I will click on CLOSE button his information like his name , phone number , amount and etc will automatically go to any server at API after clicking close buttons . So that server keep his information for further use. And more over server will automatically give him point. Next time when he will come back to my restaurant again and I will after receiving my payment I will click on CLOSE button his information like name, phone, amount automatically go to server and server will update his information with last information. Suppose he eat 100 dollar then server gave me 100 point. And next he eat 50 dollar server gave him 50 point. So he all together got 150 point. Next time he will come to my restaurant and ask how many point I got in my account then I will fetch his information from server and I will say you got 150 point. And he will say ok I want to redeemed my point. After redeemed his point I will CLICK CLOSE button then the information go to TP API and his account will go nill. So he basic idea is I want to integrate third party software and I want to send sambapos information after every customer after pressing CLOSE button.
I think I have made point. If you could not understand then let me know as well.
Moreover is it possible

So are you running multiple locations and need to keep customer points centerally?

No . I have only one restaurant. The concept is I want to post transaction data through POST to TP API with online synch . Help please

Your being very cryptic and it makes it hard for us to help you. If your not running multiple locations why do you want to store that info on an outside server? You can do all that in Sambapos no need for a server.

We need actual details about the software and do you have any idea what your doing? Or are you asking us to do this for you?

Hi kendash
I have purchased a marketing automation & customer engagement software from where I want to run my loyalty program & automated campaigns. Now to do that with just one input point, I have to ensure that my bill details from SambaPOS are transferred to my database in this new software in real time using the API provided by them. So I would like to integrate this API in SambaPOS and would like to call this API every time a billing happens on my SambaPOS - the parameters from my bill (Bill number, Bill amount, Customer’s Contact Number, Date & Time) - these parameters should be sent on that API and will accordingly get mapped in my database in the new software. Please guide me as to how can I integrate this API with SambaPOS.


It is hard to do that without knowing any information about the API. Just because there is an API does not mean it’s possible but we may be able to work with it. You need to give us more details on the API or a link we can look at. If you have no idea what your doing then don’t expect much help from us. You need to do most of the work and we can guide you.

A setup like this is not just something you configure in Sambapos. There will be coding involved and you will need to know how to do it.

Or you can hire a developer to do it for you at a price.

Anyway give us something to work with. Any information on the API? And you need to tell us what exactly you want it to do with screenshots and samples.

Hi kendash

Please find below information of API and other stuff

Please find below the API to award points on billing -

Body parameter:


Header Parameter:


You just need to call the above API using POST method and send across the data as asked for. Rest, we will take care of automatically.

OK so you really have no clue how it works? You just bought something and want us to make it work?

@emre I am not developer I am owner of restaurant. I saw your other post of integration on time trex. It’s same I want to integrate . I want to send data online to database like information of customer name, phone number and etc in real time. So I think they want me to call API which they provided and I have sent it to you. And we can call or send information through sambapos. They can’t do anything in it. Because they don’t know about sambapos. You k kw a developer and you know lot about coding so please help me

You won’t get a response from emre as he is offline working on v6.
The time Trex intergration was created by kendashs and q primarily and emre probably was involved as that was earlier days of samba when features needed to be added.
Emre as sambapos developer is not going to create a setup for you, you will need to speak to a reseller like kendash or similar if you want someone to do for you and it would be for a price.

Also your posting in V4 category, you will not be able to do this in V4.

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