Intergrating new Online payment system

Dear Team

I want to integrate online payment system called pesapal on sambapos how should go about it

Payment integrations are handled by our team at the sambapos HQ. @tayfun can provide more insight for your region.

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Thanks Jesse @Tayfun Please Help with insight about Intergrating with Online payment called Pesapal what is required from Sambapos Team to Vendor of Online payment i.e the system vendor is requesting for API

Hello, for Kenya, right?

Yes please they our online payment providers

Ok, We will get info from our resellers in Kenya

@Tayfun i am actually one the your Partners my Company is Jonestrade Technologys

We don’t have a registered reseller with this name.

@kavayi105 if you can let us know what email you used when you purchased the reseller starter pack or which one your reseller account is registered under we can verify your status and keep you informed when we have a payments integration in your region.

Yes the email is

@kavayi105 That’s a customer account not a reseller account. Your status is customer on If you want to become reseller, you should fill in the reseller application form on to get the conditions for becoming reseller.


Hello the only thing may be i have not reached sales targets to become partner but i am getting customers for Sambapos in Kenya using that email i.e when i get a customer i register them using that account to reach my target

Do you have a different email account? Reseller accounts are different on the CP. To become a registered reseller you need a reseller CP account. If you are reselling SambaPOS and do not have a reseller account then we have no way to understand how many you have sold. Right now as far as we can tell you have 0 clients.

Customer accounts will not allow you to register new customers. Please fill out the form to become a registered reseller if you wish to resell SambaPOS. We can send you information for requirements to be a reseller of SambaPOS if you fill out the form.

Most importantly customers should use their own email for their accounts. The customer accounts belong to the customers.

please tell me what are the conditions for a reseller

Please go to and fill out the reseller application form. We will contact you with the requirements.

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ok well noted i will register as reseller