Intermittent crashing Microsoft .Net

Has anyone come a cross following error message? I am seeing strange behaviour with Sambapos, it will crash with below error message

I can check if you can PM me your database and explain how it exactly happens.

Hi Emre,
I have used below resolution and it appears to have fixed the issue as I have not encountered the issue.

Microsoft .NET Framework component should be installed or repaired.

To install or repair Microsoft .NET Framework please do the following:
Close all open applications.
Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
Double-click Program and Features > Uninstall a program.
Search the list of currently installed programs for Microsoft .NET Framework
If the program isn’t listed, install it:
Click here to download it from the Microsoft web site.
If the program appears in the list, repair it:
Select Microsoft .NET Framework, and then click Change/Remove.
Select Repair, and then click Next.
When prompted, restart your computer.

NOTE: If the error persists after installing or repairing, there may be other damaged components to the Microsoft .NET Framework. Uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft .NET Framework using the steps in Repairing or reinstalling Microsoft .NET Framework may resolve the issue.