Internal "Sales"/Transaction

Hello There,

1st of January, I’d like to make samba better suit to my needs.

In our restaurant, we have the normal sales:

  • orders, ticket, ticket printed, send to tax institution.

We also have the internal mouvements, for instance:

  • we give juice/soda to the people cleaning the street/collecting the empty plastic bottles
  • Our own food/drink
  • wine, beer, wiskey used to cook meals in the kitchen.

For these last items we use normal tickets and send then to some accounts.
However it still appears as SALES and they are not, no paper ticket issued, not sent to tax insttitution.
These are operating costs, storage room transfer.

Is there a clean way to manage it without using accounts ?

I’d like my sales reports to report the real sales, not the internal moves.

(Ticket type?)


You can create new payment types and accounting just for those. Payment types determines the accounts everything goes into. So create a internal sales account call it whatever, create a internal receivables, etc

I started like this, a payment type like “Internal”, a new button is added, however I am already struggling with the first line of the report:

[Ventas:1, 1]
{REPORT TICKET TYPES:!PreOrder && TotalAmount >= 0 }

Which make me think that there might be a cleaner way to make it.

You don’t even have to mark stuff as 0 just don’t apply tax. That way you can still track costs. They won’t have to pay of course but you can use internal accounts to track costs

I’ll show example after while

How that would work?
When waitress makes an order, there is no choice to see from where that product comes from.
Only the “payment” can be put on another “internal” account.

Don’t bother with taxes, we are in a franc zone, no Value Added Taxes.

All of that is controlled by account transactions and payment types so you create your own flow for said payment type

If I ask a coffee, the waitress orders a coffee (She clicks on Coffee)

  • first transaction : receivable - To be Paid

I pay:

  • Second transaction: To be paid - Cash(or CC or Account)

I can understand how to modify the second but not the first

You click on the internal payment type and pay with it. Basically you mirror the accounting for normal sales and run internal sales through it. You rename accounts accordingly

So no internal receivables, ok

Then I make my reports.
(but cannot use REPORT TICKET TYPES as there is no such fliter PT != Internal)

Yes you need a receivables account to run it through. I think your confused at what I’m explaining.

You can make reports that does not include any of that. You can even use other ticket type or department or not it’s up to you.

Vocabulary; my accounts names are in spanish (receivables are Cash; Credit Card; …?)

No receivables is receivables account. When you record a sale it goes into sales the receivables the cash or credit.

I am confused.
Receivable is part of the sale transaction (what is in yellow), no ?

And that is done when the waitress order (clicks on) a coffee, no? That I cannot change (easilly)

Or both transactions are done simultaneously?

Look at accounts screen show a screenshots of accounts.

No accounting transactions are done until payment is made.

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Receivables also should always have 0 balance

That helps indeed,ok.

I am confused because the sales transactions (yellow) are done way before payments.
But that is true that once the Payment is done; sales and Payment transaction magically have the same timstamp:

Yes, you need to work with a second ticket type.
That will let you choose another transaction than “Sale” transaction, so an internal receivable.


that is some work … especially for waiter to easilly choose which tkt.

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Its a lot of backend work but once your done you can just leave it no more work and it will just work. For waiter it may not be any extra work you can use automation that switches ticket type… like if they add an employee entity, or choose an option for employee ticket… Possibly can capture an event on payment type… maybe have it switch ticket before payment processed but that might be tricky I have not tried that.

I plan to build an automation for this to include as an optional config task for my resell business. Ill let you know my progress.