Internationalization and numbers between Samba and SQL

I need some help here with , and . (decimal sep and 1000 sep).
I am using, and its working fine, the Resgister CASH saving option. So I am storing at the beginning and at the end of a work perido how much cash we have in the cash register and how much in CC.

My decimal separator everywhere is ,. All is working great. I have made a Report that shows CASH resgister Entities.

So far so good.

Now I decided to go one step further, and start doing some calculations with this. The problem I am facing is that samba (correctly) uses , as a decimal separator in my configuration.

Regardless what is your PC configuration, SQL stores decimal separator as a .. So when I try to convert Entities CustomData stored correctly with , SQL complains that its not possible to convert it to a number since it contains , and not .

The data stored in CustomData is:


for those who are SQL experts… how can I convert 97,15 to 97.15?



Not an expert on SQL but below link may provide some clues

ja… that is not my problem…

SQL refuses to convert 97,15 to 97.15 becuase the , is a special character and not a decimal separator.



I´ve got it…


That returns 97.15 from 97,15



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