[inv 1.5] Inventory Purchase and Control via PHP

how can I import these files and DB for PhP My Admin on Xampp?

You should know this will not let you update previous WP purchases either. What he built was a front end for purchases but it is still bound by the same rules.

phpMyAdmin is a tool for managing MySQL using PHP. This does not use MySQL .

my bad luck, I want to also update the previous WP purchases Either
how can I configure update previous WP purchases Either?

You can’t edit previous WP purchases. You have to use the End of Day records. This is how it is designed.

Yes, it was my problem of understanding, sorry about that

In any case always have to replace the old with a new transaction and edit the inventory.

I could understand, in any case I would like to try the php configuration setting

it seems that did everything right, but my screen so it appears

To be honest if you dont have any experience setting up php on the server end then your going to find it very difficult to use. His setup is very advanced and requires knowledge of PHP and how to setup the server.

That screen means you setup the XAMP server and it is running but you have not setup the PHP files contained in this tutorial correctly on the server.

Yes, I believe I need to know more about PHP on the server.
I read and research more about … and I’ll be back for more …

thank you, Kendash

Basically your webroot you should put everything inside the html folder from his zip file. index.html is your main page.

BTW This is a nice solution for v4. But just to let you know v5 is due out soon and it has this capability built in.

You will still not be able to edit previous WP purchases or make purchases outside a WP.

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Hello, Can be used for Sambapos V3?

No. Read the first post. This is for V4 only.

Ok, thank you! I’m getting some error with xampp! I cannot put in root folder html files because i have other file and cannot overwrite. I inserted extension file for php, just need to set root folder!

Can’t help you with XAMPP, sorry. I have never used it. I know it is pre-configured to contain Apache as the Webserver and mySql as the DB, along with PHP and phpMyAdmin (web-based management of mySql). The only part of XAMPP that you really need is the PHP installation. The rest is “overkill” and for the most part, unused.

Here is a Tutorial on setting up a basic PHP installation with IIS. It isn’t that difficult once you have done it a couple times, and learned the requirements, some of which are a bit cryptic to troubleshoot at first…

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can this send an email to the staff responsible for purchasing inventory or a group of people ?

you can use send email action.


Do you have DB Import for this ?

No. There is no point in having DB Tools import file for this. It would only contain my Supplier Entities and Warehouses, which will be different for you. I suppose I could export the Inventory and Account Transaction Types and Documents, but that is a very simple configuration to do manually.

I gave explanation how to configure the Entities and Warehouses to work with this system. The rest is PHP code running on a Webservice (I use IIS, but Apache would work too).

Thanks Mate

I will give it a try and let you know.

Hi @QMcKay are you still using this with version 5 or is there any need?

I still use this with V5. It isn’t needed, but the process is different using the PHP in that it is backwards, and I still prefer the PHP method over the SambaPOS method.

SambaPOS requires that you select the Document, then the Items, then Save.

The PHP system allows to select the Items first, then choose the Document(s) last.