Inv Trasaction Doc

I want to print this document after Purchasing goods from the suppliers.
Can anyone guide me on how to do it

Use this action …

And this rule.

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Thankyou soo much for pointing out this,kindly show the template setup for printing this

Unfortunately this action is hard coded and you can not design any template.

now how do you print the inventory transactions as per what you had shown above

Am talking about printing inventory items transaction not customer accounts transactions.Expound on this matter please,i cant be able to print the above transactions.
You have demonstrated how to add the rule and the action how about the automation command that will pass activate the printing process.Kindly wind it up

It will require somewhat complex automation to get that to print since its hardcoded.

Why not build your own report from all the daily purchases?

i have purchases and issues.Purchases are the goods bought from the suppliers while the issues are the goods transferred from main store to other respective departmental stores.
I wanted a report that can differentiate what I have purchased and what I have issued.Advice on how to go about it and you can share the report template if you have one ,best regards

I’ve already created a purchase report some time ago. If you look on the forum you will find all the answers you are looking for and if not, you will get an idea how to make it yourself.