Invalid #colour in menu item settings causes crash on login


Lol now I’m curious what your selling. Do you hide it from your customers? Mystery meats lol I love when ppl Google my businesses. Heck I pay to get ppl to Google me sometimes.


Must be a McDonald’s franchise using SambaPOS… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess all us resellers on the forum are just waiting to see what screenshots people will post so we can spend time to google all the items on the menu, work out where the customer is at, then contact the customer to steal the business… !!! Like we have nothing better to do… :wink:


Some customers may really have weird items. Once I saw the menu of a massage saloon … whatever lol. let him censor the products.


What were the portion options? Skinny, Averge, Fat F***cker. HEHE
Was there a happy ending upgrade order tag? LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For all the so concerned people…


@uzi9mm don’t get anyone wrong, no ones accusing you of running a shady massage parlour :wink: just dont see many people obscure menus, customer data obviously but not menu, you caught our curiosity.
I’m slightly gutted it wasn’t something more unusual :stuck_out_tongue:, have you just taken out the happy ending category for screenshot benifit hehe.


well said, I`m entitled to censor my products. But at the same time if you needed my backup to resolve my issues, I would have given it to you. Thanks for appreciating my freedom to privacy.

I dont really see the big issue in my hiding the "curry" when Im resolving a software issue.


There is not an issue… its just odd behavior for anything typical. You can hide anything you want…

Typically in a business world… menus that are public and part of doing business are not private :stuck_out_tongue: Thats why I thought it was odd. No big deal though. Dont worry I dont plan on stealing that menu for my restaurant… but I must warn you I do have a Drinks and Dessert menu category :stuck_out_tongue:

All jokes aside there is no problem with hiding it… its just not a typical thing people do. I understand hiding customers info though.


I too tend to hide some things (ie. Menu Item names) sometimes when I post screenshots for secret/copyright/trademark reasons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: