Invalid #colour in menu item settings causes crash on login


Just to report minor bug/issue.
If you set an invalid #code for submenu button colour you get crash on login.
In this senario the use mistakenly replaces a #code colour with #red leaving the # in there.
Removing the # leaving just red solved the crash but needed to do via SQL manager.
These fields should have a cleanser/checker on them to ensure no issue like this.

[5.2.3] Issue Compilation
SambaPOS 5.2.7 Release

By 5.2.7 it should display a validation error on menu screen when incorrect color codes used for sub menu color configuration.


@emre 5.2.7 got released 7 days ago… :wink:


Oh yes I know sorry for the confusion. I just wanted to mention how it resolved.


This is correct, I just tested this on a new installation and it works!