Invalid #colour in menu item settings causes crash on login


Just to report minor bug/issue.
If you set an invalid #code for submenu button colour you get crash on login.
In this senario the use mistakenly replaces a #code colour with #red leaving the # in there.
Removing the # leaving just red solved the crash but needed to do via SQL manager.
These fields should have a cleanser/checker on them to ensure no issue like this.

[5.2.3] Issue Compilation
SambaPOS 5.2.7 Release

By 5.2.7 it should display a validation error on menu screen when incorrect color codes used for sub menu color configuration.


@emre 5.2.7 got released 7 days ago… :wink:


Oh yes I know sorry for the confusion. I just wanted to mention how it resolved.


This is correct, I just tested this on a new installation and it works!


Just gone to update the menu with a new product and I get this error before I can even do anything.

The settings have been like this for over a year, but only recently updated to the newest version.

Please advise which color code do I use?



Go into edit product properties and what colours you have assigned to each product I think that is where the issue is

This did only happen on a recent update where invalid codes/formats are not allowed


Have you upgraded to the latest version as I thought this was fixed?


You should be on 5.2.14


I have updated to 5.2.14 after doing so tried to add a product, but get this message, which in turn does not allow the save button to work.



What you selling? Top secret stuff :-p
Message says sub button (submenu) scroll to the right and check those colours too.


Nothing top secret, just protecting the privacy to be honest. Wish it was top secret stuff would have a bigger margin than lol.

When I scroll to the right it does not have colour options, other than what I have shown.

It was working before the update, but now its picking up a error, but whats triggering it.


Food doesn’t have privacy lolol ok just kidding.


That relates with Sub Button Colors of All category. Do you have empty space string there?


Yep thats the magic I was looking for, in one of the buttons it was selected with Red, so I deleted that and the notice has gone.


Yeah I know but if I post the items, you will be able to “google” the location lol.


lol I know we should improve these validation error messages but wasn’t it clear enough?


I was looking in here and saw the sub color box was empty, sorry I did not try the all category box. That`s where I was looking into with the error.


That’s OK. Just wanted to be ensure if error message is helpful or not. Seems like “All Category” not understood like “The Category named All”. I’ll improve that.