Inventory and Cost Report

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Can some please share an example of Simple Inventory Management for products like Drink Can, Drink Bottles, Purchases are made for cans in Cases some drinks like WINE are bought as number of bottles. Issue I have is for e.g. I created a product Bailys and set values as :-
base Unit: bottle
Default Cost:10.00
Multiplier to 1 (as we buy number of bottles not cases, 2, 3,5,10,etc) , I created Transaction document and ensured that total cost figure is correct for Quantity/Units.

When I view cost report, it shows Quantity 7 and Average Cost 2.86 (where I was expecting 70)

Same thing for case of cans, I am not getting the correct cost report.

Can someone please shares screenshot (SambaPOS4) how they setup inventory for individual items like drinks, it will be really help full.


Cost is calculated per portion.

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