Inventory configuration for bottles drinks versus shots

I use sambapos v5 professional, and i sell bottle drink and shot,from my calculations a shot is equivalent to 6cl or 60ml…now for 70 or 75cl bottle of drink…how can i configure the shot to be deducting from the bottles?.

Your smallest unit should be bottle and your multiplier would be 1

I use CL as my base unit,since am usinf CL as my measurement,how do i link now link shot to bottle…so that for example if i have 5 bottles of
75cl jack daniel and sell 5 shots (6cl) it will deduct from the 5bottles automatically.

You need to make recipe based on min qty.
1 unit would be cl, so buying a bottle would be 75cl, selling shot 6 ‘units’ and bottle 75 ‘units’

You create recipes for that.

Look here

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Yes i created recipes for each of inventory items.

help me have a look at it.

Set your CL multiplier to 1