Inventory Confusion with Multipliers

Hi everyone,

I am setting up a new inventory and I am having some issues with multipliers. This is not an issue with SambaPOS but rather my understanding of it’s logic, I’d appreciate some help and sorry for wasting anyones time!

I am entering a product, milk. We buy milk in a case, a case has 12 bottles, they are liter each. Each liter has 34 ounces more or less and we measure usage in ounces so…

1 Box -> 12 Liters -> 34 Ounces per liter -> Transaction Unit: Ounces , Buy Unit: Boxes

The point is, I buy a box and I use them ounces at a time in recepies. I also include the liter because the individual containers are that and sometimes we buy those.

So in my Manage inventory items I have setup milk as follows:
Base unit: liter
Transaction Unit: ounce
Multiplier: 34

Additional Units: Box Multipler: 12 Unit: Liter

Here is a screenshot (the names are in Spanish):

This all makes sense to me but not to SambaPOS, when I look at my warehouse inventory report it is not correct:

I am assuming my issue is the multipliers and math. Any input on this?


You have your Base and Transaction Unit backwards/reversed.

Base Unit should always be the smallest Unit.

Base Unit: Ounce
Transaction Unit: Liter

Additional Unit: Box, 12, Liter

:bulb: Suggestion: do not define the Transaction Unit at all. Leave it blank, with Multiplier set to 0. This will force SambaPOS to report Consumption in the Base Unit instead of a fraction of the Transaction Unit.

Base Unit: Ounce
Transaction Unit: (blank)

Additional Unit: Liter, 34, Ounce
Additional Unit: Box, 12, Liter

Now choose which Additional Unit you purchase most of the time (Liter or Box) by marking the check box to the left of that Unit. This makes it your default Transaction/Purchase Unit.

No matter which Unit you have marked as Default, you can always stilll purchase in any Unit defined (Ounce, Liter, or Box).

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Thank you, Brilliant!