Inventory Consumption Total Sales how do i fix total sale amount per item on the report below

Hi guys how do i attain the report with item,opening stock,added(Purchased),Closing Stock,Sales unit,sales cost and sales total amount to make it easier for end of day worksheet as show in the following report

[Inventory Consumption:2, 1,1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Consumption.Sum,C.Unit,C.Inventory.Sum,C.InStock.Sum,C.Added.Sum,C.Removed.Sum,[($5-($2+$4))];0.00;-0.00;0.00:C.Consumption>0}

This what the client use is it possible to customize that way


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Thanks for your response it will be difficult for me to get the formula to generate opening,closing, issued stock quantity plus sale total on one report why dont you assist me my friend

I just did assist you. What are you asking me to do? You said he is your client so I assume you sold him a system?

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Yes I sold to him as you can see from the excel screen shot that is the report he needs but its complex for me

What kendash was getting at is dont expect someone to just make the report for you because you have oversold yourself, the forum is comunity not samba support and we are 99% other users or reseller like you so wont jump to just do it for you for free when its something you have sold/been paid to do. We have our own projects to do aswell which are either four our own business or for our own clients.

You will receive interest if you show willing and actually try to do yourself… people will help you correct mistakes and offer suggestions when your stuck but expecting to just be told how to do it will not get you much help unless someone has a similar report they can just send you.

I suggest you make a start and try and come back when you get stuck at a specific point and share your progress and people will offer input but as you have done will just put people off helping you.

Either that or you can post an add for paid support from other resellers or contact sambapos direct for paid support.

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This may sound a little harsh however if your reselling this to a client and your not prepared to fully support that client with something as simple as a custom report that has extensive documentation on the forum and wiki then I’m sorry I cannot help you without some form of compensation. It’s really not a good thing for SambaPOS to have resellers that don’t know what they are doing selling their software to clients.

I will gladly help you for a fairly hefty fee of $200/hour of my time. If that is not an option for you perhaps maybe someone else might respond but do not keep making spam posts about the same question hoping to get a faster answer.

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However if you start a conversation about a feature your trying to do and you post supporting facts like screenshots of your attempts and various things we can discuss showing your genuinely interested in learning how to use a particular feature I will respond and may have a good exchange with you. But if you expect me to do all your work at my expense to support your client then I need the compensation.


Thanks guys for point of correction I will work hard to do it as expected starting now I must understand the game no spoon feeding any more
I will start the report from scratch as u guide me


Hi tech2030, I am working on a similar report like what you needed here. Did you succeed? I can also see that you have sales per user and per department. Can I get the codes for such reports?