Inventory Control


I have spent all day today trying to work this out but i failed hence i’m emailing you.

I have the following scenario:

We buy Carlton Beer Kegs that has 49500ml of beer (we sell other beers with the same portions and sizes)
we sell two sizes to customers small 285ml and large 425ml
I added these products with the correct small and large portions and the order screen is working fine. I created a product calle Carlton with a small portion of 285ml and the price of $3 and large portion of 425ml for $5 and a keg size of 49,500ml with no price tag (we don’t sell this portion)

This is how I did it:

  1. Setup Inventory item with the name Carlton Tab Beer
  2. Base unit ml
  3. Transaction Unit ml
  4. Multiplier 1
  5. Created recipe Called Carlton Tab
  6. Product is Carlton
  7. Portion is keg
  8. Fixed cost of $100
  9. Added inventory of “Carlton Tab Beer”
  10. Quantitiy is 49,500
  11. Unit is ml

Now my question is:

  1. Is this correct? that doesn’t feel right in the pos screen i get the keg popping up as a selling portion which i don’t want.
  2. if this is wrong, how would you set it up?
  3. How do i place purchase order and receive it from my supplier?

Please note, i have been through all the documentation online but didn’t fix my problem.

Your prompt reply would be really appreciated.


Your configuration is not correct. If you don’t sell a portion called Keg, then remove that Portion from your Product definition, so that it doesn’t appear in your Menu.

Your Inventory item should be set as follows:

Inventory Item Name: Carlton Tab Keg (or similar)
Group Code: Beer Kegs (or similar) … note: has no relation to the Product Group Code
Base Unit: ml … this is what you sell
Transaction Unit: Keg … this is what you purchase from your supplier
Multiplier: 49500 … meaning there are 49500 ml in one Keg

You need to create 2 recipes, and choose the corresponding Product Portion in each recipe, along with the proper amount of ml:

Carlton Tab Small recipe using Product Portion Small and 285 ml
Carlton Tab Large, recipe using Product Portion Large and 425 ml

To add to Inventory (Purchase), you add a Transaction in the Inventory Screen.

See this Tutorial for more information: Tracking Inventory and Cost

Thank you this seems to work like a charm.