Inventory daily report

i need daily inventory report with print.

Search the forum, this was the second result and right at the bottom gives you details you need to enter when creating a report

Have you setup you inventory and recipes?

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yes i have setup inventory and recipes.

Have you sold any? Have you made purchases yet? The built in report does it work?

That report won’t work if your Warehouse is not named Shop. Remove the line (PCW=Shop) it should work. You must have just copy pasted the report and not really read the tutorial he explains that in his tutorial.

sir i try this method but same condition.

What method? Show me what you tried.

sorry and thanks this is working.

What is working? Taking the tag out that I suggested?

[Inventory Consumption:2, 1,1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.1]
&& C.Consumption>0}

Ok so this worked it looks like. I’m just trying to show the solution for others reading this.

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Your report looks wrong though. You need the colon still at end and remove the &&

yes sir but how to possible this