Inventory Data Export

Hi, I would like to know how to export the entire inventory including departments, categories, items, cost price and selling price as well as UPC for V5 into a csv file preferably.

Before posting a new topic try searching your post name such as “Inventory Data Export”. There is a data export option in the reports tab. You can do something like this.

If you need to cross reference products with inventory you’ll likely need to create a custom SQL report or see if you can meet your needs with available report tags.


Lists inventory transactions.

Field Description
T.TransactionType Transaction Type Name
T.Name Transaction Name
T.Date Transaction Date
T.Time Transaction Time
T.Source Source Warehouse Name
T.Target Target Warehouse Name
T.ItemGroup Inventory Item group
T.AccountName Transaction’s Account Name
T.Unit Unit Name
T.Multiplier Multiplier Amount
T.Quantity Quantity
T.TotalPrice Total Price
T.Price Price
D. Document Reference


Reports Inventory Consumptions.

Field Description
C.StartDate Consumption period start
C.EndDate Consumption period end
C.Name Consumption period name
C.Unit Consumption Item Unit
C.Inventory Consumption Item Inventory
C.Prediction Consumption Item Inventory Prediction
C.Warehouse Consumption Item Warehouse
C.InStock In Stock
C.Added Added to inventory
C.Removed Removed from inventory
C.Consumption Consumption
C.Cost Cost
C.PhysicalInventory Physical inventory
PC. Periodic Consumtion Item reference
WC. Consumtion reference
I. Inventory Item reference
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