Inventory does not seem to be associated with the tables v3

Hello, I am new in sambapos .
I wanted to know how to connect the inventory with the store : when I add a sale for a table does not decrease the amount in stock . Also, I would get an error message when I try to add a finished product in stock.

Once you have created products you need to create inventory items and recipes to link them all together so that when you do a sale you balances adjust

I suggest you search the forum for inventory as there is loads of information that will tell you exactly how to set it up

With the error message please post a screenshot so we can see it, without that we have no idea what your error is so cannot help you

ok thanks I saw how it works. But the thing that seems strange is that the stock is updated only when part of a new work period. I would also need to print a pre-bill. an unofficial ticket. how can we create it?

V3 is now 2 versions behind the actively developed version which is V5… V4 is the currently live version. You should update to version 4.

Is there a specific reason your on v3?

the sambapos is a great job , but rather complicated in part of the settings . So let me change it by only see a few things to the customer.

You can’t change the small logo in upper left corner but you can change the logo on login screen and you can insert a company logo into your tickets. What graphics are you referring to?

the sambapos is a great job , but rather complicated in part of the settings . I would like to change the settings interface, the customer will see only some information

It is different than any other POS yes. This is a plus however because it lets you configure it exactly to your needs no other POS lets you do this. This inherently makes it a little more complicated but its worth the investment the other alternative is to learn how to program and design your own but that is infinitely more complicated than Samba.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by this.

How would you change it? Just curious.

EDIT: Ok maybe I understand… you might be setting this up for clients?

I sell hardware machines , PDAs , PCs for restaurateurs . Until now I never gave even software . I would give it for free to my customers . But I should customize a bit so they will not change too many things . Could lead to excessive maintenance on my part . For example, once i set the database should not be able to change the connection.
should be able to see only what interests him : product , inventory , entities . I hope I explained myself :smile:

Another thing , sambapos 4 does not seem to be in Italian language

You have if he is paying you for support yes. Version 5 will be out soon and it offers more control over those type of things. But if your wanting to lock it down completely so he has to pay you to fix it then yes v3 will be your only source for that. Multi language may be coming back though I cant comment on when.

Reason I say these things is version 3 will get very little support from the forums anymore because Version 5 is soon to be released and that will put version 3 two major version releases behind the current one. You may want to think about that when serving your clients because it could limit what you can offer them unless your very proficient in altering source code.

Yes version 4 did not have multi language support but you can change all the buttons and most of the menus etc thats on the POS screen to whatever language you want.

ok I understand. A question , it would not be possible to have a version of sambapos 4 or 5 with payment to make customizations that I said?

You will not be able to change source code nor will you be able to get a special version made. But most of what you asked for can be done in v4 and restricting access can be done in v5 when it releases. You will not be able to remove the small logo however but you can change the logo and put company logo on login screen and printed tickets.

ok thank you, when you expect the release of version 5 ?

No date yet but it will be soon.

thank you in advance for your time . one last question .
If i want to delete an entire bill , maintaining the decrease in the inventory of the products , it would be possible ? Let me give an example , one customer does not pleased and leaves without paying .
That receipt is not offered , but it should be deleted. Otherwise I will pay taxes on the bill, although I have not cashed

I can show you a tutorial for refund button but it is written for version 4 and I am not sure it would work fully with v3. but it might…

You are really limiting what you can do by using v3.