Inventory EOD small :) enhancement


It would be great to have these 2 enhancements as more of our customers are taking on Inventory and stock control they need a easy way to Print/Export and also Enter new changes.

I also forgot to put in Filter as well because it looks like a .NET table control :thinking:

Great before another release…

Ok i will get this request to our roadmap. Thanks

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As I have mentioned before, what Inventory really needs is Custom Tags.

Inventory Items are sorely lacking in properties (ie. no Barcode property), so something like Custom Tags would allow for creating any type of property that you might need, such as a Barcode!

The Custom Tags could be made to be applied to anything in Inventory, not just Items, such as Warehouses, Transactions, Recipes, etc.


Barocde!!! LOVE IT!!!

Can we also utilize the last column and make it the variance column. We can have the system auto calculate variance and put it right next to Current Inventory and maybe calculate variance at cost and variance at retail.

When will Barcode for Inventory Items be ready ?

It already is, we have inventory tags that work like product tags

So create an inventory tag called barcode, enter the barcode and when adding inventory you can scan the barcode

1 on 1 inventory is just as important it will be great if the create product page include stock unit, and stock level

You can do that now. Create your products then go to recipes right click and choose create recipes.

Yes, this is not what i meant, is a sugestion so you dont have to do it in two steps, just one