Inventory got few issues plz advise

Hi, After major basic things started well for me, i got few issues yet as follows:

  1. how to erase all previous inventory stock and enter new one? so everything can be started as fresh…
    2)where can i see the day end report?
  2. my cost report shows there is not cost report available for current date…?
    4)whenever i print a bill or receive cash of the ticket…a file " *.xps " appears to save it somewhere, i cancel it and receipt is printed, but cant get rid of it, plz help me to sort out these things…
    grateful for yours un-believable support, really awsome …great work!

Hmm I thought you already asked this in your previous post? If you do not get much response from community typically it mean your approach needs more supporting information. Many people are not going to waste time trying to figure out someone else’s problem if the person does not provide enough supporting information.

Making multiple posts on the same thing could make it even harder for you to get much help in the future as well.

Everything you have asked is solved multiple times in previous threads. My advice is to utilize the search function and locate these threads.

Well what i assumed was perhaps i needed another question title to get its reply, coz had not received any reply in long time, as u suggest may be i was not understood it rightly…i’ve been studying all these things since atleast 2+ weeks now and i couldn’t find the relevant literature, but as per yours response, i’ll surely make another effort to find out solution…isn’t it good, though you guys have done wonderful and comprehensive effort already to make it effective and understandable, that it’s all basic elements’s funtionalities can be found one by one…in sequence? …though m gradually getting used of it, but i feel may be for new comers it’ll b more convenient? (btw i thought i came up with common but important questions)…tx…n regards

Please dont misunderstand me your questions are fine. Making multiple posts generally will not get anymore attention and it can lead to forum clutter. Generally this forum stays pretty clutter free which is great!

As for your questions can you give more supportive information. For example:

  1. Do you want ONLY the inventory transactions deleted or do you want to delete all transactions, tickets, etc and start fresh?

  2. End of day report for total restaurant or just for inventory?

  3. Probably due to a configuration error but we have no idea what your configuration is.

  4. Again a configuration error but we can not understand it because we know nothing about your setup. All we know is what you have told us.

If it is fine we should not ask questions to understand questions :wink: @zeshan while asking questions please try to explain it as much as you can. If people understand your questions they can answer them. Querying people to understand what he is trying to do is really time consuming. Also please keep in mind English is second language for some people here. (for example me :speak_no_evil: lol)

“Kendash:Do you want ONLY the inventory transactions deleted or do you want to delete all transactions, tickets, etc and start fresh?”
I just dont want to add again all the data like i did input i.e. recipe , items n other settings…(100’s of recipes with complete details are added)…so if i can just have some kind of guidance how to make all inventory status at Zero Zero, i’ll b happy to add current inventory as a one single comprehensive purchase and then can start selling, now i am ok with inventory’s functioning but since all r mixed up…cant have exact idea of available stock.

  1. End of day report: I actually want to learn how to manipulate this feature/facility so if u can just give me idea or link to any available tutorial/questions will b great

  2. Cost report, is also one thing I expect is kind of profit loss statement of the day or particular period, but daily items sales and updated inventory report is working all right, but when i try to get this report it simply tell there is no report for this period, i had added Cost of the price, when i added purchase only while when i had added Items, i left the “default cost” box, as “0” and didn’t mention any thing there

  3. Regarding that file " *.xps " file save…I have tried myself to find something but i couldn’t, i even never remember what type of data file extension it is .xps i have applied this software at two PCs but only at main pc it is showing it, if anyone can have idea about it, will b great, if can share with me, but practically its not giving me any further headache :stuck_out_tongue:
    tx for supporting so much …

@emre I’ll follow yours instructions bro, in fact what I had in my mind was perhaps if i make it too detailed, might become lengthy and boring for people like you (already short of time) so its just that, actually…but m getting used of the things now…

I have an important question for you too, what about, for those people like me, who dont have paypal available to buy Add-Ons in their respective countries, but they badly need to have features like databackup …etc


For now we accept only paypal but we’ll release more payment options soon.

Are you in Pakistan? If you PM me your samba market account name I can help.