Inventory help needed

I have a product called Naan which is made of wheat flour as the main ingredient. Naan is sold as an accompaniment to other dishes ex. chicken curry.
In the store I receive wheat flour in packets of 2kg each, I also issue wheat flour to the kitchen in packets.
1packet of wheat flour can prepare 20Naans
Assuming I have issued 1packet of the wheat flour to the kitchen, kindly help me set up my inventory in such that I can track how many packets of wheat flour has been issued in the main store(Packets) and how many Naan(Pieces) have been sold in the kitchen.
In essence, how can I convert inventory item into a finished product

Create a recipe for the Naan and specify how much flour is used by each Naan. Do it per unit not 20 units. From your example 1 naan uses 100g so thats what you put on your recipe.

This will help a lot.

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I don’t want to calculate my recipes in grams.I know how to do that, what I want is to receive wheatmeal in packets in my main store.Then issue the wheat meal packet to the kitchen where the wheat meal is used to prepare Naan, i already know I packet of wheatmeal will produce 12pcs of Naan.The Naan will be sold per piece from the kitchen.This is the what i want to achieve, rather I don’t my stock to report in grams and kgs, I want my kitchen store to report wheat meal available in packets but the kitchen should report naans sold/available in term of pieces.

Hope this is clear

Read the tutorial he posted it explains everything.

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