Inventory Items.. 0.5 measurement?

Hi all,

I’ve started delving into the inventory side of things. Thank you to QMcKay for the absolutely top notch set of instructions. They should be published in the kb.

So I have a question I’ve not managed to get my head around.

I’ve successfully (with ease) set-up pints and 1/2 pints in the inventory. All working as expected.

Now, we serve some food that will consume 1/2 of a bag of rice. I’ve done so far:

  • Got my Rice Bag in Inventory Items with a box defined as 12 bags.
  • Made a recipe item linked to the product with the main product and rice in the Items.

When I run the item though I get a round number run though the inventory. I was expecting .5 as I can see with the beer.

Any tips?


Sorry - found that I hadn’t added “0” to “Transaction Unit” on the Inventory Item - Rice Bag.

Can close this!

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