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Just playing with things ive never used before and feel I’m going about things the long way? Tutorials suggest not.

Do I have to create a recipe for every single item to make it reduce stock?

SO far all ive created on this new system is Coca Cola product, so I also have to create a inventory item and a recipe to get the inventory working on this?



Yes, you will.

Its always going to be more long winded on a catering based system where recipe is needed for multi ingredient products.
Retail would be simpler with most being a 1:1 ratio and there is a tool to creeate this type of recipe more quickly however on a whole you will need a recipe in order to translate product to order.
The inventory item is an additional aspect probably not avaiable in other systems but that allows the reuse of aspects ie if you created a burger patty (mince, onions etc etc etc) you map that to the inventory item and can re use that item in every type of buger rather than having a full breakdown of every ingredient on each item


Thanks :neutral_face:

Guess ill just spend a few extra hours lol

I’m in the process of just creating an initial system, so I can just run a backup whenever I sell a POS.

Downside of inventory in that senario is it would need creating along with menu on a client by client basis :frowning:
Personally I have never bothered with inventory and have usually managed to stear clients away from it as it is allot of hastle.
For multi branch/head office ordering maybe yes but a stand alone unit… any good bar manager/head chef should be on top of stock and when you take in to account time spend inputting deliveries etc it often works out cheaper just to get a stocktaker in who works against PLU sales.

Our stocktakes are done by PLU for wet with a itemised variance and purely on value for dry sales.
Wet is judged by surplus and GP% for the months and kitchen just on GP%.
If the chef steals a couple of steaks for dinner with the mrs then its his issue as will effect his GP and he will get in the shit and not get his bonus at end of the year.
So long as variance on wet is minimal and kitchen GP meets targets everyone is happy.

Out stocktaking company charge £275 for a wet and dry stocktake (full days work for the guy and he backdates figures for month ends aswell)
We just give him photocopies of the invoices/delivery notes and a PLU list along with notes for wateage etc.
That equates to about £65 a week which is would cost about that in labour to input all the purchases and then you still need to do stock check counts yourself anyway.
Using the stocktaker also gives you as a owner that the count is done corectly and by external person.
If someone was stealing and they also do the count they could cover there tracks to an extent with the count anyway.

Whenever there are issues with are inevitable we run mini stock counts of the products showing as being out so we can monitor on a weekly basis which is easy to manage without inventory just using that weeks delivery note, the plu list and a BF/CF count.

unfortunately I used it as a selling point in my last sale.

Ill steer away in future.

I have got to teach their office staff how to use it so will obviously be showing them how to do inventory. Its a shame there isn’t any basic inventory on each product, would save a lot of hassle

Its up to you. It can be a good tool but it cant be done half halfheartedly, its all or nothing.

If you sell 1 to 1 item like retail you can create product and then with one click create all recipes for each product. But that only works if your selling 1 to 1 like retail.


That’s what I want…

How is that done?

under management / warehouses / recipes / create recipe




Thanks. I worked it oit since. I should have just looked lol :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: