Inventory prediction and Stock Items

This forum has helped me a lot to get an understanding of Sambapos v5 and I got most worked out thanks to the impressive replies to many options. It is clear that Sambapos is highly configerable and allows its users to make many things happen. I like this approach compared to many other POS systems that are kind of take it or leave it. However, I have been struggling with what possibly for many here is very simple, but searching stock, inventory, etc following tutorials I get the following to work but not the number of items in stock. Let me explain:

  1. Either through warehouse or inventory transactions I can purchase inventory items such as Coke
  2. When checking warehouse I can see it added in inventory pre-diction.
  3. When “selling” it with the POS it properly reduced the pre-dicted value.
  4. When closing the work period and creating and end-of day report, I update the stock count.
  5. HOWEVER! When looking in Warehouse it never gives a value for “in stock”

So question is, how can I also see what is in stock in Warehouse (it has a Stock column).
Thank you in advance and really sorry if this should have been posted elsewhere.

I believe that Inventory Prediction becomes InStock after your close your work period and start a new one.


Yes that is correct when you close work period you do your end of day it will reflect in stock when you start your next work period.

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Thank you both very much. Issue solved. I can now try some more advanced inventory tracking options. The basics now work as expected. To moderators this topic can now be closed.

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