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Had my first real look at inventory setup today, and quick question?
While most setups I’ve handled so far are hospitality where recipe settings are ideal (although inventory was not a required setup) is there an easier way to use inventory in a retail environment?
I mean where a product is an inventory item? What comes in is what goes out.
From what ive seen inventory setup is very much geared to restaurant/hospitality and as such is allot of unnecessary steps for retail.
Any tips/tricks/scripts?

You have to use recipes for inventory to work right. No way around that. It can be odd for retail setup but SambaPOS is designed for restaurants first and foremost so for retail we will just have to use Recipes. It works fine for retail but I agree if we ever get a retail focused upgrade that is not a bad idea


Thats fair enough, just wanted to check I hadn’t missed anything.
Think a simpler inventory ‘option’ would defiantly open samba more to retail environments.
If recipes could be bypassed, maybe just select the order product directly in inventory item… (I say ‘just’ as a user side term, obviously the programming side is not that simple)
Perhaps if it does get looked at there could be the option on the inventory item for selecting if its a recipe item or a direct stock item - with direct stock item enabling the direct selection of the ‘order product’. Just trying to think of a retrofit way that wouldn’t mean huge changes to the existing inventory setup…

This is the best way for retail to skip all complicated steps when Products & Inventory data entry, hope this helps,


Thanks, that should help :slight_smile:

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Hello, i’m using Excel for exporting inventory Items to database table, setting InventoryItems Id column Primary Key.
When i modify items from SambaPos i get error “There is already a Inventory item with that name” if change name or add new item everything is Ok.
Anyone any idea about this error?
Thank you

it means you already have an item of that name. You can’t have duplicates of same name.